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NP 2608 at Tacoma Union Station
NP 2608 Northern pacific's pool train from Portland, heading
towards Seattle.  Photographed by my father, Frank
Thompson, retired Northern Pacific Conductor.  The original was
photographed with a Busch Pressman 4x5 camera.  Dad had the
fireman, a friend, smoke it up a bit, leaving the station, frowned upon
by both the Rail
road and Tacoma.  The automatic blowdown of steam, under the cab
always made dad cuss when we printed
this image in the darkroom.  It is much better handled with a high
quality scan of the negative and PhotoShop!
Pacific Avenue and Tacoma Union Station 1974
Panoramic view of the Tacoma Union Station looking NE  Photo
taken in April of 1974 from the roof of the hardware store across
Pacific Ave.  Calumet 4.5 view camera and Plus X film, 2 photos
stitched together.  Does anyone remember the name of the hardware
store?  I'd like to know!   Photo by Stephen Thompson
Tacoma, Old Town,  Waterfront Panorama 7-4-76
July 4th, 1976!  Bi-Centenial Morning in Old Town, Tacoma
Washington.  Folks are already staking out thier spots along the
waterfront, for viewing the fireworks.  The Top-of-the Ocean
restaurant is visible just to the left of the flagpole, a landmark that
burned a few years later.  I took 3 photos with my Bronica, hoping
to make 3 prints and mount them together, for a panorama.  I then
forgot them for 30 years, and along came Photoshop and stitching
software!  It stitches beautifully into a very high definition image.
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All rights reserved.
13th st. Tacoma 1928
Looking down 13th st. in Tacoma Washington, circa 1928.  A cable
car is coming up the hill, and the car barn can be seen down at the
bottom of the grade.  Behind it are the stacks of the steam heat plant
that provide heat to many of the businesses in town.  Al Discoe
Photo  Thompson Collection
The Puyallup Valley, looking up the orginal main line, towards Orting
Washington about 1920.  Mt. Rainier dominates the valley.  Photo by
Al Discoe
Orting and Mt. Rainier, 1920
So. Tacoma NP shops, circa 1920
Birdseye View NP Car Shops and Griffin Car Wheel Works, So.
Tacoma, Washington from real photo postcard, circa 1900
Pacific Avenue and Tacoma Union Station 1922
Panoramic view, similar to above, but 52 years earlier.  Tacoma
Union Station and Pacific Avenue, 1922.  3 images from the Library
of Congress, taken by Boland, a Tacoma photographer.   Stitched by
Stephen Thompson in PTGui, and many adjustments and repairs
were done.
Tacoma Union Station and trackage to west
1922 Boland photo showing the tracks coming into/out of Union
Station.  The bridge curving across the Pt. Defiance line is the
Northern Pacific line leading from the yard to the Prairie line.  
Tacoma Waterfront Panorama 1909
Tacoma waterfront and skyline from 11th St. bridge, B. L. Aldrich;
January 4, 1909.  Downloaded from the Library of Congress and
Tacoma Waterfront Panorama 1901
Tacoma Waterfront, circa 1901, panorama photo by Aldrich &
Morisse.  Downloaded from the Library of Congress and restored.
In this summer of 1953 photo by Frank Thompson, UP's mid-day
passenger train from Portland is nearing Tacoma's Union Station.  
Forground left is the Sperry mill track that goes steeply up to the
backside of the mill.  It crosses the road on a small trestle, near the
parked vehicles, and is supported by a stone retaining wall next to
the road.  English ivy covers most of the stone.  
Tacoma Waterfront and UP train, west of Moon Yard, 1953
The following 4 images are available for download from the Library of Congress American Memory Collection as
originally  scanned.   The versions shown here, are one's that I've digitally restored, removing damage, dust and other
mars, as well as balancing the contrast of the images.
Mosquito fleet at Tacoma in 1916.  The Verona, Nisqually and
Flyer turning to head from Tacoma to Seattle.  Photo  Thompson
Tacoma Half Moon Yard, Circa 1900.  NP headquarters building
with cupola overlooks the railroad yard, with the city hall and
clock tower across the street.  Photo  Thompson Collection
Aerial photo of downtown Tacoma.  US
Army Air Force image taken on June 6th,
1932 at 11:30 AM.  Very detailed image,
makes a great 30" wide print.  Contact me
for print prices.
North End Reservoir construction, May